activated popcornCould this be a paradigm shift in popcorn? That is the claim made by Living Intentions about their Activated Popcorn. And, it looks like they do a pretty good job living up to it. If you are a popcorn lover, this could be a wonderful way to get more nutrition bang per snacking calorie. Not only is the corn non-GMO and most of the ingredients organic, they enhance the formulas with fermented and sprouted ingredients, herbal extracts, hearty probiotics, and more! The flavor I tried was the Tandoori Turmeric, containing ashwaganda and turmeric extracts, and probiotic cultures.

The Bottom Line on Activated Popcorn

Would I Recommend It? Yes, I would absolutely recommend this for happy-medium, healthful snacking. The 137 calories-per-3 cups makes it very manageable as a snack.

Would I Buy it Again? I would! However, as is the case with any crunchy carb-heavy snack, I would make this an occasional treat, not something I’d have as a daily staple. And, since the price is pretty hefty, there is some built-in incentive to make a bag last for as many delightful snacking occurrences as possible.

Final Thoughts: So is this just a lot of superfood hype? It is hard to say on first glance, but do a little research on the company and they seem to have their hearts and mission in the right place. The only “negative” I could find in the ingredients is the number two ingredient being sunflower oil. For that reason, it’s good to enjoy snacks like this in the proper context. Whereas they have fortified the snack with some nutritionally valuable ingredients, it is still popcorn with oil. And if you are going to eat that, you might as well get some nutritional upgrades with each cupful. Just enjoy it in moderation, try not to eat straight from the bag, and see if you can get about 7-10 separate snacks from each bag. My advice would be to pre-portion into 1 cup baggies as soon as you get it home from the store, and you’ll be doing great!

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