air-dried kale chipsFinding a good kale chip that isn’t loaded with the wrong kind of added oils and sodium from
processing can be a little challenging. But Trader Joe’s has come up with a pretty great solution. Their Zesty Nacho Kale Chips are an air-dried kale chip that is raw and vegan. Fresh kale pieces are dehydrated at very low temperatures to make them super-crispy and to retain the kale’s high quality nutritional value. They achieve the nacho cheese flavor with a special blend of nut butters, veggie powders and spices. These are very tasty chips, with a nutritional profile you can feel good about – they’re an excellent source of vitamin A, a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin C, and each serving has six grams of protein and three grams of fiber.

The Bottom Line on the Trader Joe’s Air-Dried Kale Chips

Would I Recommend It? Yes, I recommend these as a versatile and manageable snack. They are great for that snack-time crunch craving that comes up from time to time. The fact that they are slowly air dried to retain, their nutritional value, and avoid unhealthy oils in the processing, kind of makes them a nutritionist’s secret weapon.

Would I Buy it Again? Yes. I would add this to my snacking regimen every once in a while, but not every day.

Final Thoughts: This snack is great for a nibble. It is light and crispy, and the flavors, with the healthy fats of the nut  butters can satisfy just enough. One downside to this snack is the size of the bag. Because the bag is only large enough for two servings, it could be perceived as a single serving. This can lead to overeating the snack. This is a packaging tactic to get the consumer to eat more and buy more. Just be informed and aware of this, and make sure you outsmart Trader Joe’s marketing department, and not the other way around. The other drawback is that they are a little high in sodium. So, enjoy two snacks from one bag in moderation!