cacao macaroons

You have heard the sayings, “less is more,” or “great things come in small packages,” right? Finding a healthful cookie with a dream nutritional profile is next to impossible, let’s be honest. So, the next best thing is to enjoy the best quality you can find in small doses. Emmy’s Organics makes a great line of healthful cookies  that give you just that. Their Dark Cacao Macaroons are a tasty little jolt of cacao and healthy fats, making them a great afternoon sweet nibble or after dinner treat. I was perfectly satisfied to eat just one, but if you happen to binge, you won’t get far because they only package three cookies per small bag. So not only do they help you slow down and enjoy the high quality ingredients, they are also super convenient to take on the go.

The Bottom Line on Emmy’s Dark Cacao Macaroons

Would I Recommend It? Yes, I recommend these as an enhancement to your already nutritionally balanced diet, as an after meal sweet nibble, or a little something to go with a cup of tea or coffee.

Would I Buy it Again? Yes, but I wouldn’t keep it around as a regular snack. I prefer snacks that are more “utilitarian” in that they first address my nutritional needs, and how that fits into the logistics of my day and budget. But as a special occasional treat I think they are good.

Final Thoughts: This snack is great for an energizing sweet bite, because that is basically what it is, just a bite. I would be careful relying on this as a between-meal fuel source of calories. The cost for just one, very tiny cookie is more than $1, and that one cookie delivers 5g of sugar and 8g of carbs. So although they claim to be “high antioxidant and nutritionally rich,” you have to weigh what kind of macronutrient balance you are accepting along with those benefits. As long as you empower yourself with an overall objective understanding of what makes up this snack, I think you can absolutely enjoy this high quality snack. The owners of Emmy’s Organics appear passionate about what they do. They even list “love” as one of the printed ingredients!  It’s always reassuring to know that the people manufacturing your food are putting love into it.