29April, 2015

Where Has All the Taste Gone?

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I was traveling last week and read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how our foods are getting blander. The author of the article, Mark Schatzker, also the author of the book, The Dorito Effect, says that diets come and go and ultimately don’t work because we are not addressing the real issue

16February, 2015

I Just Returned From Guatemala…

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I just returned from a week in Antigua Guatemala with my husband.  It was a place with a lot of history, wonderful people and great food..  My husband and I really paid attention to the people and culture.  Given my background, I’m always looking at how healthy the people are.   Guatemala is technically a 3rd

31January, 2015

Why do we need Calcium? Here’s why…

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Why do we need calcium? It turns out that calcium is one of the most important nutrients in our body. Needed for a variety of functions, including the contractions of the heart and soft tissues, it’s a major player in our health. Most people associate calcium with strong bones, but there is much more to calcium when it comes to our body.

1November, 2014

HEALTHY BEANS: Cooked or Raw?

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Beans should be an essential part of any healthy diet. They are excellent sources of fiber, folate, protein, plant iron, vitamin B1, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and copper. Eating beans regularly may decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, colorectal cancer, and helps with weight management. Beans are low on the glycemic index so they don’t cause a quick rise in your blood sugar. With beans, we have the best of both worlds since they count as both a protein and a vegetable. The government recommendation for beans, or legumes, is a minimum of ½ cup per day

29September, 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar for Health

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Health
Apple cider vinegar has been used medicinally for many hundreds of years before the development of western medicine. Apple cider vinegar has been utilized to treat digestive issues, allergies, acne, skin inflammation and even for flu relief. Apple cider vinegar elevates pH levels and increasing alkalinity in the body. It is, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended apple cider vinegar over 2000 years ago. It has long been used as an aid for digestion. It increases the acidity of the stomach, which helps digest protein, and other foods that need an acid environment. You can add one teaspoon to a large container of water and drink it throughout the day. This will help keep the body’s pH in an alkaline state.

14September, 2014

5 Top Fall Produce Picks

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My 5 Top Picks for Fall Produce
Fall is here. The weather is about to cool down. The kids are back to school and they are planning their Halloween costumes. Fall also means that we have a whole new crop of fresh produce available to us. Fall produce tends to be rich in nutrients and fiber. When we eat the produce that is in season, we tend to eat fresher and less expensive produce. This is because stores can obtain these crops from more local sources cutting down on fuel cost and storage cost. To get the most nutrients from produce it’s best to eat it as close to when it was picked.

7September, 2014

Is Menopause Holding Back Your Vitality?

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Is Menopause Holding Back Your Vitality?

Menopause can be a trying time in the lives of many women, affecting day to day activities, mental clarity, and mood. Many women find relief from annoying menopause symptoms using herbs as they have less side effects compared with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Here are four very effective herbs for menopause.

31August, 2014

5 Reasons You Need an Aloe Plant

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5 Reasons You Need an Aloe Plant
Aloe plant leaves store a gel-like juice with powerful protective and healing properties which have been recognized for many centuries. The only thing you need to do is break off a leaf, scrap out the gel and the aloe will do its magic all on its own.

23August, 2014

5 Herbs for Better Digestion

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5 Herbs for Better Digestion
Many people suffer in silence from digestion issues because they find the symptoms hard to discuss. Yet digestion issues may well be the most common issue facing Americans on a daily basis. Besides making lifestyle changes like eating more fiber and eating dinner at least 2 ½ to 3 hours before bedtime, there are herbs that you can use to flavor your food that can also aid in digestion. Most people know that peppermint calms an upset stomach but did you know these herbs were also good for digestion:

17August, 2014

Hidden Benefits of Tomatoes

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Hidden Benefits of Tomatoes
Eating tomatoes can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and maybe osteoporosis. Not only that, but cooked tomatoes are actually better for you than raw ones.

U.S researchers found this juicy vegetable is the biggest source of a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, and unlike other fruit and vegetables it has greater potency after it is cooked.

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