Are you a 2:oo p.m. espresso and chocolate biscotti junkie? If you are, then these healthy macaroons may have a place in your pantry or glove compartment. Coffee Bean Snackaroons by The Laughing Giraffe, are heavenly bites of organic coconut, dark chocolate and coffee beans, that also deliver an impressive shot of nutrition for your afternoon nibble. The package boasts organic and gluten-free certifications, as well as being vegan and kosher. At 130 calories, a 2-macaroon portion offers the benefits of healthy fats, cacao,  and even a decent shot of fiber.

In addition to being a nice solution for the afternoon coffee slumps, this could also work for people who get that after dinner sweet tooth, enjoyed with a few fresh blueberries or strawberries during after dinner conversation.

The Bottom Line on Healthy Macaroons from Laughing Giraffe

Would I Recommend It? Yes, this can be a nice change up in your rotation of healthier snacking alternatives, but you have to be able to enjoy it in moderation and know when to stop.

Would I Buy it Again? I would, but I wouldn’t keep it around all the time. This is the kind of snack that could be added to the grocery cart once a month or so for some variety that won’t work against you nutritionally.

Final Thoughts: From a weight management standpoint, it is important to keep this snack in perspective. 2 small pieces equal 130 calories. The bag is pretty small. Any mindless grab at this snack could wind you up eating the entire bag in less than a minute. If that were to happen, your well intended healthy snack would end up being an 845-calorie high fat mini-binge. So, as it goes in pursuing a sustainable healthy lifestyle, mindful enjoyment of this snack is key. Slow down and enjoy every speckle of coffee bean this snack has to offer and you will do great! Laughing Giraffe offers a variety of other snacks to try as well. I found these at Sprouts in the section with the chia cookies and superfood snacks. Enjoy!