Jeannie Gorman Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Nutrition Coaching – Jeannie Gorman MS, CCN
Understanding and sustaining your nutritional balance can help you design a lifestyle that brings your diet into balance. We’re committed to educating others about food, nutrition and how to manage the impacts of stress and lifestyle on our health and wellness.

We understand the coach’s role in empowering our clients to discovery and advancement. We’ll teach you what foods to eliminate, what to savor and why these changes in behavior will improve your health.

Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching
We use a client-focused approach to help you navigate our food supply and nutrition needs, designing a healthy lifestyle that is delicious, practical and functional.

To prepare for your first appointment please download and print the New Client History Form and the Food Journal. Complete the questionnaire and meal recall form and bring the completed forms with you on your initial Nutrition Coaching appointment at the Vibrant Living Wellness Center.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Jeannie Gorman MS, CCN