mama chiaI have been having a lot more kids coming in lately for nutrition coaching. More parents are starting to understand that the sooner they teach their children how to understand what their food is really for, and how to discern the difference between what will hurt them and what will make them strong and happy, the better off their kids will be in the long run. To celebrate this awesome thing of parents making nutrition an educational priority for their children, I am featuring this yummy, kid-friendly super-food snack that I think kids will totally dig. Mama Chia makes little jelly-like packs filled with real fruit and chia seeds. These can easily replace any of the toxic, sugar-laden candy gel or sugar liquid packs that kids typically go for. And they are a great snacking option for adults too! Each pack delivers plant-based, whole-food carbs, protein, fiber, and fatty acids without a heavy glycemic load or exposure to inflammatory ingredients. What more could you ask for?

The Bottom Line on Mama Chia

Would I Recommend It? Yes, especially if you have little ones constantly telling you, “I’m hungry!” And if your inner child is ever having a low blood sugar, “I need a hug” afternoon at work, this is just the ticket to bring you back to your happy place.

Would I Buy it Again? For kids I would keep this as a regular staple, but for adults, you may want to put this into some kind of snack rotation for nutritional variety.

Final Thoughts: If you aren’t sure if your child will like these, I recommend you ask them to try it six times. Tell them if they try it six times and still don’t like it, you won’t ask them to eat it again. This is a technique we teach parents at Vibrant Living Wellness Center, whenever they need to employ a strategy for getting their children to accept healthier foods. If the fruit juice and possible sugars from this concern you, remember to also look at the fiber content. All the varieties of the squeeze packs contain a good dose of fiber to offset the sugars. I would even recommend this to someone with diabetes, as long as they don’t down an entire box in one sitting. So grab some Mama Chia Squeeze the next time you are at the store and let us know how your family likes them!

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