Nicolette Marais Holistic Nutrition CoachNicolette Marais is passionate about helping people to attain and maintain vibrant health and happiness.

Nutrition Coaching

With 13 years of nutrition and lifestyle coaching experience, Nicolette understands the coach’s role in empowering her clients to discovery and advancement.

Nicolette is committed to educating others about food, nutrition and how to manage the impacts of stress and lifestyle on our health and wellness. She will teach you what foods to eliminate, what to savor and why these changes in behavior will improve your health.

Understanding and sustaining your nutritional balance can help you design a lifestyle that brings your diet into balance.

Nicolette is exceptionally skilled at incorporating mindfulness-based techniques to identify and manage food-related challenges like emotional eating overeating.

Nicolette received her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science. She is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and a candidate for board certification in Holistic Nutrition.

Managing a therapeutic kitchen at a naturopathic medical facility convinced Nicolette that is food is in fact, medicine for the body.

Stress Reduction Coaching 

Nicolette is a certified stress reduction consultant that helps clients recognize, understand and better manage the impacts of stressors on their life and health.

Understanding the psychological or spiritual issues that may underlie our health problems or our unhappiness is a critical step toward to creating a lasting sense of balance and well-being.

Nicolette’s experience includes individual stress reduction coaching, Gerson Therapy, self-care and meditation techniques teaching and training.

Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching
Nicolette uses a client-focused approach to help people navigate their food supply and nutrition needs, designing a healthy lifestyle that is delicious, practical and functional for everyday lives.

Nicolette’s mission is to help others create sustainable, healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families.

To prepare for your first appointment with Nicolette please download and print the New Client Questionnaire and the 2 Day Meal Recall Form. Complete the questionnaire and meal recall form and bring the completed forms with you on your initial Nutrition Coaching appointment at the Vibrant Living Wellness Center.

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