nothing but fruit & nutsSimple, whole food ingredient decks are definitely what we look for in a great snack. And this new snack from Trader Joe’s basically lives up to it’s name. It really is nothing but fruit & nuts, and maybe a little cacao, depending on which flavor you choose. They are just 60-80 calories, about two bites each, individually wrapped so you can take them on the go and control portions and limit overeating. And, yes, they are available in three different flavors. I will break each one down here briefly:

Apricot & Almond is basically a dried apricot paste with a little bit of almonds, and delicious if you love apricots, but the almond are somewhat undetectable. Fig  & Walnut is like a healthier, grown up version of Fig Newtons. So, if you loved Fig Newtons as a kid you will probably love these! Again, in this case, the figs are basically a dried fig paste, so again it is a dried fruit. Our favorite is saved for last, the Date, Hazelnut & Cacao! This one uses fresh dates, and have the cacao, which increases the quality of their nutritional profile, and technically meets the whole, unrefined food objective the best of the three.

The Bottom Line on Nothing But Fruit & Nuts

Would I Recommend It? Yes, this can be a nice change up in your rotation of healthier snacking alternatives, but you have to be able to enjoy them in moderation and know when to stop. You may need to employ a trick to keep you from eating the whole bag.

Would I Buy it Again? I would buy this every once in a while to change up my snacking solutions. I would especially buy this for a long bicycle ride, demanding business conference with lots of walking, or backpacking trip. These circumstances would best justify this snack so you that you can burn up the natural sugar and put it to use.

Final Thoughts: If you have sugar concerns, I recommend being mindful of that when trying this snack. The apricot and Fig varieties are basically dried fruit compressed into a two-bite snack. For some, that won’t cut the mustard, and a whole fruit alternative would be much better. The date variety is probably the best choice for this concern, as it has the highest amount of fiber to counteract the sugar, and like I pointed out, it also has the cacao for some extra antioxidants and other nutritional benefits. The best saving grace of these snacks is the way they are packaged, allowing you to grab one or two and stick them in your pocket, purse, or backpack for the day. All in all, these are obviously much better than a candy bar or many of the so-called healthy nutrition bars on the store shelves. So, as long as you enjoy these in the proper context, they should provide an awesome, nutritious treat for those sweet nibble moments and athletic energy boosts.