We Specialize in Designed Clinical Nutrition and Therapeutic Grade Whole-Food Nutritional Supplements 

Whole-Food Nutritional Supplements

Are you confused or overwhelmed by what to take for your specific conditions?

Do you take an “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” approach but still feel unsure about whether any of it is really working to resolve your health concerns. Here at Vibrant Living Wellness Center, we specialize in Designed Clinical Nutrition and therapeutic grade whole-food nutritional supplements.

Through a method called Nutrition Response Testing, we test your body to find out exactly what it needs, and which supplements will provide the best nourishment and support for your particular biochemistry. This ensures that you are taking only the supplements you need most, and nothing you don’t need.

Not all supplements are created equal; the difference is in the quality of ingredients. We carry all-natural, whole food nutritional supplements from Standard Process as well as other highly-reputable manufacturers, which are safe and effective in resolving a number of ailments the way nature intended.

Whether you are looking for natural ways to boost your immunity, control blood sugar, reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep, balance hormones, curb cravings, reduce anxiety, or simply to maintain your overall health, we have the right supplement for you.

To find out exactly which nutritional supplements are right for you contact our office to schedule an appointment with our Clinical Nutritionist, Heidi Hoffman using the form on this page or by phone.

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