Ever wondered about using a Paleo protein bar or other paleo-focused snack? If you are following an AIP, Paleo, Ketogenic or other diet that restricts your consumption of certain carbs, finding a great snack bar that doesn’t have added sugar, grains, or dried fruit can be a real challenge. Julian Bakery, known for their  passionate commitment to paleo-compliant baked goods has a variety of flavors in a paleo protein bar that may be just the ticket. I tried the almond fudge bar and really liked it! Be prepared for a wild departure from your typical nutrition bar, though. One of the star ingredients is “hydro beef,” which is, yes, beef! And then there is coconut oil, almonds, and chocolate. The result is a very chewy chocolate bar that leaves a residue of oil on your fingers from the oils and fats. Think Abazaba Bar that tastes like beef dipped in chocolate. Sounds weird but it’s actually really yummy.


The Bottom Line on Paleo Protein Bar by Julian Bakery

Would I Recommend It? Yes, if you are seriously committed to a Paleo or Ketogenic diet, this is a great snacking solution that takes out all the guess work. It would also be a good choice for anyone building lean muscle mass, as a post workout recovery bar.

Would I Buy it Again? I would, especially if I were going on a long bicycle or backpacking trip. I am not sure if I would use it as a regular, daily snacking solution though. I believe creating a regular snacking habit that involves vegetable sticks, raw seeds, raw nuts, and fresh fruit might be a more nutritionally diverse way to do regular snacking. Having said that, if you need that easy snack bar or tie-over that is Paleo-compliant, then this is your snack!

Final Thoughts: This bar packs 20g of protein per serving at 170 calories, which makes it not only a good snack for higher activity days, but also a good fill in until you can get to a proper dinner table. The prebiotic fiber supports healthy digestion, and also helps you feel full longer, which can be very helpful for hunger pings on stressful days. In particular, this bar could really help people following an autoimmune protocol, or trying to avoid particular grains. However, for someone trying to lose weight, consideration would have to be given to your activity level, and whether this would be the best use of 170 calories as a snack. Hats off to Julian bakery overall though, for coming up with some great Paleo solutions that actually taste great as well!