Reiki for a Grieving Heart

Grief is something that people seem to think they can just get over. It doesn’t work like that. Recovering From Grief  Takes Time.

Grief needs to move; it needs to get past the skin. I equate grief to a stream. What happens to a stream when it can’t flow?


It becomes stagnant, grows stuff it shouldn’t, smells strange and attracts bugs.

Whether it is a beloved pet or a loved one, working more or distracting yourself with things that cover up grief can bring relief for a short-period of time but that’s about it. We can’t walk around grief we need to walk through it. This is where Reiki really helps.

How Reiki Can Help

When it comes to a grieving heart Reiki is wonderful gentle and subtle alternative treatment with big benefits. The day-to-day of not having our loved one in our life seems to be the hardest for most. It is an empty hole in our being that nothing can fill. The heart becomes tense; many suffer from anxiousness, irritability, impatience and feelings of being overwhelmed. The muscles in the back can become very tight because they are protecting the heart!

In a Reiki session I will facilitate with you a 4-count breath in and out.  This breath begins to relax the nervous system and is a technique you will take home with you. Once the body and mind calm down, we open-up the heart. This is done through a happy thought bringing in all the senses as if you were there reliving it.  At this point I play very relaxing music for healing the heart.

What a Reiki Session is Like

As the session continues your body will enter a deep state of relaxation. People describe a session as feeling a comforting warmth in and through-out the body, tingling, feelings of peace, floating, and deep relaxation. Negative emotions dissipate.

For many any feelings of peace after a death is something that we think will not return. Now, that you have had your Reiki session you can recall this state of deep relaxation and know that even though you are sad and will miss your loved one you will be okay. You will be able to enjoy your life again.

Before and After Your Reiki Session

I always advise my clients to stay away from caffeine at least 2 hours prior and or heavy meals. The body will be able to relax a lot better without the caffeine or digesting a heavy meal. Where comfortable loose clothing. Upon arrival there will be some light paperwork to identify the reason for coming but most importantly – anything else I may need to know about that I can assist you with.

After the session, one should act like they had a procedure done at a medical facility. Take the day off be good to yourself! Have a “me” day, no heavy shopping like Target, Walmart, Costco, or anywhere where there are lots of people. Best to just go home and relax the rest of the day.

Reiki stays with you and keeps working for at least 24 hours. Clients have expressed to me they still feel me working on them, when they are lying in bed at the end of their day or have a sense of the Reiki moving through their body. Mostly they just feel very peaceful for several days.

Reiki Wisdom

Reiki helped me greatly with my own mother’s passing, as challenging as it was for me I don’t know what I would have done without it. We will all go through these transitions at one point or another in our lives.  Death and dying is a natural part of life and a huge opportunity for self-growth as well.  The wisdom of Reiki brings so much to a grieving heart, eases the pain and will restore a sense of peace and normalcy to your life again.