sacha inchi seedsSnacking is a thing for most of our clients at Vibrant Living Wellness Center. So, whenever I find a snack that satisfies the “crunchy salty” while actually delivering some high quality nutrition at the same time, I jump on it. Enter Sacha Inchi Seeds!  Also known as an “Inca Peanut,” the Sacha Inchi is a real seed, technically, and comes from the star-shaped pod of a plant native to the South American rainforest. At first, the consistency is great with a wonderful crunch, but then there is, in my experience, an unfamiliar aftertaste. But then when you take another bite, it kind of grows on you, making this overall a great snacking option, especially when you weigh in the nutrition.

The Bottom Line on Sacha Inchi Seeds

Would I Recommend It? Yes, I would recommend these to mix it up a little, especially if you are getting tired of the typical go-to nuts like raw almonds. It is hard to argue with the quality nutrition, but one portion will land you somewhere in the 150-225 calorie range, so keep them to no more than a couple handfuls if you truly want them as a snack.

Would I Buy it Again? Yes, in fact, as I write this article, I am reminding myself to look for them when I go to Trader Joe’s later today. I am looking forward to seeing what can be done with Sacha Inchi Seeds in my kitchen- I think I see Sacha Inchi pesto in my future!

Final Thoughts: It is hard to find a wide variety of healthful, plant based snacks that deliver a complete protein and other nutritional benefits. That is what impressed me the most about this snack. Sacha Inchi Seeds are among the best sources of plant-based Omega-3 Fatty Acids, with a single serving providing 300% of the daily allowance of ALA (Alpha Lineoleic Acid). A one ounce serving also packs eight grams of complete protein, making them a better source of protein than almonds, cashews, or walnuts. And they are also high in antioxidants and fiber. A few sites I visited while doing research made claims that Sacha Inchi Seeds are great for weight loss too, but they weren’t substantiated. In general, more nutrient density per calorie is a great approach for weight loss, so I can see how these would be a very supportive snack resource if weight loss is your goal, especially if you are using them to replace a less nutritious snack. Sacha Inchi Seeds have a winning formula: healthy fats + complete protein + fiber + phytonutrients = a great choice in my book for smart, healthy snacking! Warning: they can be a little addictive!