standard process 21-day cleanse

The Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse

The Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. The program gives you a structured plan for purifying, nourishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Along with Standard Process supplements, you’ll support your major organ systems with the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in whole foods.

In addition to cleansing and detox, this program supports the maintenance of healthy weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle. When you’ve completed the 21-day Cleanse from Standard Process at the Vibrant Living Wellness Center, you’ll be amazed at how good you find yourself feeling. You’ll learn how to transition to a new, healthful way of eating that will continue your journey toward a clearer, brighter, lighter way of life now and in the years ahead. For more info about our upcoming Seasonal cleanse or to register email our practice at with the subject line Seasonal 21-Day Cleanse.

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Why do I need a cleanse?
Cleansing and detoxification can help you remove natural toxins from your body and help maintain a healthy weight. We are exposed to external toxins daily. These include pollutants, pesticides and chemicals. Internally, our bodies produce waste byproducts as a result of normal metabolic function.

Although your body is designed to rid itself of these toxins naturally, it can become overburdened. Cleansing offers your body additional support to expel and metabolize these toxins and manage weight, which is important to maintaining your health and vitality.

Toxins can contribute to a wide range of conditions and symptoms some of which are listed below for reference:

Stuffy head
Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset
Food cravings and weight gain
Reduced mental clarity
Low libido
Skin that’s not looking its best
Joint discomfort

Basics, Protocols and SP Detox/Cleanse Recipes

Cleanse Program Basics, Protocols, Pantry Set-up and Recipes 
Our 21-day cleanse program includes eating whole, organic and unprocessed foods; taking supplements with whole foods and other ingredients; and drinking plenty of water. You will eat a variety of vegetables and fruit for the first 10 days, with select proteins added on day 11.

standard process cleanse protocols

Setting Up Your 21-Day Cleanse Pantry

21 day cleanse pantry standard process

21 day cleanse - fruits, legumes,oils, fats, protein sources

21 day cleanse - broths, beverages, sugars, vinegars

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse Recipes and Ingredients

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse Shake Recipes

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse Salad Recipes

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse Salad Dressings, Snacks Recipes

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse Soup and Stew Recipes

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse Salmon Entree Recipes

Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse Baked Fish Recipes

Recording Your Cleanse Experience to Log your Challenges and Results

During the 21 days of your cleanse, you will experience ups and downs, both physically and emotionally, as your body rids itself of toxins. We will support and help you to record your
experiences to determine how the program is working for you. This will help you to overcome specific challenges to your health and diet that would not be possible without the rigor and structure we will provide for your 21-Day Standard Process Cleanse Program.

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