Client Testimonials

“I had been having issues with digestion, stomach pain and reactions to certain food groups. With the help of Heidi at Vibrant Living Wellness Center, she was able to identify my issues and correct them with recommended supplements and testing of certain foods; adding and subtracting foods and drinks. After a couple of sessions, my symptoms reduced and energy levels spiked. Thanks again Heidi! And I would highly recommend anyone who has been having issues with digestion, inflammation, stomach pain or anything resulting from certain food groups.”

Roger R.

“Heidi truly approaches her wellness services with a “whole-body” concept. I have worked with her for my allergy and health issues with superb results. I was very sick when I first began with Heidi and through her expert nutrition guidance, and gentle holistic methods, I have been able to overcome food allergies, exhaustion, and very poor health in general. As Heidi has taught me far better nutrition habits and worked diligently with me to heal stomach issues from childhood, I am forever grateful for her expert knowledge, respect for my own healing process, and her kindness. Integrity is the word that comes to my mind when I think of Heidi. I whole-heartedly recommend her practice to everyone!”

Karin F.

“Heidi has been very helpful in supporting me throughout my pregnancy! From dealing with nausea to muscle cramps, even working through some anxiety … I have gotten the nutritional and emotional support I’ve needed through each trimester. I will definitely be continuing with her for postpartum care! :)”

Katherine H.

“Heidi has been able to help me like no other professional has before. I am so grateful to have found her. She takes a personal interest on each individual, she is very professional and kind.  Four months ago, I was dealing with health issues and conditions. From chronic insomnia, to recurring sinus infections, from mild headaches to migraines. I felt exhausted every day and did not feel well. Avoiding the foods that were harming me along with taking the supplements she has suggested, have made a huge difference in my overall health. My insomnia has improved, I have more energy and haven’t had a sinus infection. I have learned so much from her that now I know that no matter what treatment I could have done before, nothing would have helped because I kept choosing the wrong foods for me without knowing. Coming with her has been a great eye opener. I highly recommend her!!”

Laura G.

“The services I have received at Vibrant have been nothing short of excellent.  Heidi is amazing!  She has helped me increase my energy, improve mental sharpness and also helped with a better diet and eating habits.  I began training for my first triathlon recently, and all of her suggestions regarding nutrition and supplements have kept my body functioning at an optimum level, despite all of the hard training.  Besides all of that, she is extremely warm and accommodating.  She is very flexible with scheduling and my wife and I have sent many of our friends and family to her.  I recommend her services to anyone who is interested in improving both mental and physical health and/or making lifestyle improvements.”

Dustin H.

“Heidi is simply THE BEST! Very knowledgeable – she has been so helpful with my thyroid/autoimmune condition. Super easy to work with. Kind. I’m feeling better than I have in years!”

Leslie O.

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