Suzie's Thin Rice CakesFinding satisfying snacks that are low-carb or carb-free is a common challenge with many of our clients. Suzie’s Thin rice cakes deliver the satiating crunch of a rice cake, but just scaled down a bit when it comes to the thickness and the carbohydrates!

Suzie’s Thin Cakes are about a third the thickness of a traditional rice cake, and they are square instead of round. This makes them a much better choice for a snack, especially if you are watching your balance of carbs and keeping track of your calorie intake. And, because they are so thin, it is much easier to top them with tasty, nutrient-dense toppings like spinach leaves, cucumber slices, red pepper hummus, almond butter, and more, without having them crumble on the wrong bite and become a complete mess.

All of the ingredients in these cakes are good, minimally processed food, and they offer a variety of grains and seeds in their choices, giving you some nutritional flexibility that you can’t find in a regular rice cake. My favorite is the buckwheat, quinoa & flax Thin Cake, containing just five wholesome ingredients at only 54 calories per serving.

The Bottom Line on Suzie’s Thin Rice Cakes:

Would I Recommend It? Yes, I recommend these as a versatile and manageable snack. And they also make a great lower-carb vessel for a light open faced sandwich, or even crumbled in a salad as a gluten-free alternative to croutons.

Would I Buy it Again? Yes. In fact, they are a regular staple in my kitchen!

Final Thoughts: I think you will discover a new angle on rice cake-eating with this product. The thin, light, crispy texture is delightful, yet it is firm enough to stand up to some heavy hitter toppings, making it a great, healthy addition to your regular grocery shopping list.