dark chocolate honey mintsWhen you were a kid, did your mom ever give you a spoonful of honey as a healthy treat? My mom was kind of a health food nut, even back in the 70’s when eating honey, carob, and juicing was more obscure. If there had been a Trader Joe’s in our area back then, she would have been all over this! Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Honey Mints are basically a spoonful of honey, flavored with peppermint oil and coated in dark chocolate. Yep, that’s it; just three ingredients. It proves that you don’t need a bunch of stabilizers, preservatives, and other stuff to make a tasty, aesthetically pleasing candy.

The Bottom Line on Dark Chocolate Honey Mints

Would I Recommend It? If you are going to eat candy or chocolate, these are a good choice, but only if you can handle having really delicious chocolate around the house without going crazy. The sugar can be a concern if that is an issue for you. If you are dieting or trying to lose weight, these may not be such a great idea. Having said that, these are a “gradiently better” option for those hooked on conventionally processed refined sugar treats. It can help transition to a better quality treat because it provides nutrients not found in processed candies.

Would I Buy it Again? Yes, but I would only buy these for a special occasion to share at a party, as an after dinner treat, or along with tea, or something like that. I would want other people around to help me polish off the bag, and make sure they aren’t staring at me every time I go into the kitchen.

Final Thoughts: The operative word here is “sugar.” Sugar is sugar, whether it comes from honey, sugar cane, agave, or any of the other foods that contain some form of sugars. As pointed out on Fooducate, one serving (three mints) gives you the equivalent of about 4.5 teaspoons of sugars. And, they are a bit high in saturated fat. So, unless you don’t consume sugar in your regular diet, you may want to try just having one of these at a time. On a good note, when I tasted just the chocolate coating, without the honey, it had that bitter, dark chocolate taste, that signifies that there are some antioxidants present. But I wouldn’t give that too much credit from a nutrition stand point. At the end of the day, these are an excellent choice if you call them exactly what they are- chocolate candy. Enjoy!