About Our Supplements

Not all supplements are created equal; the difference is in the quality of ingredients. We carry all-natural, therapeutic grade, whole food supplements from Standard Process as well as other highly reputable manufacturers including Endo-met, Systemic Formulas and Natural Partners. All of the supplements we carry are safe and effective in resolving a number of ailments.

Each line is curated for resolving different areas of a client’s complete health picture. All of our product lines complement each other, giving us a wide selection of variety and leverage for our clients. We are able to pick and choose supplements from multiple lines to customize individual protocols. We have helped countless clients design their individual supplement plans with incredible results. 

Whether you are looking for natural ways to boost your immunity, control blood sugar, reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep, balance hormones, curb cravings, reduce anxiety, or simply to maintain your overall health, we have the right supplements for you. Through our Designed Clinical Nutrition Program, we are able to support your bio-individuality by creating a supplement protocol designed specifically for you.

By utilizing the information available to us from various tests, combined with our strong background in the holistic practice of Nutritional Response Testing, we are able to get your body exactly what it needs to do its healing work. To find out exactly which nutritional supplements are right for you, contact our office to schedule a Designed Clinical Nutrition appointment with Heidi.

Read more about our Designed Clinical Nutrition Program here.

Standard Process/MediHerb*

Standard Process provides whole food based nutritional supplements that are manufactured to the highest of standards. Standard Process supplements are produced from ingredients grown on their own organic farm in Wisconsin, or organically sourced from creditable, trusted farmers. We recommend this brand for all of our clients, especially those who are sensitive to additives.


To purchase Standard Process/MediHerb supplements directly from the manufacturer… click here!


Endo-met supplements are designed to match the biochemical individuality of our clients. Our Endo Met formulas correlate directly with our Hair Tissue Mineral test and are used to resolve long standing patterns of poor health such as chronic fatigue and immune deficiencies. Endomet Laboratories products are known for their combination of multivitamins and minerals with wonderfully powerful ratios.

Systemic Formulas

Systemic Formulas synergistically formulated herbal blends are developed to nourish and support the body’s organ systems. Systemic Formulas has a brilliant approach to blending vitamins, minerals, enzymes, RNA/DNA tissue factors, amino acids, and botanicals into unique formulas. They combine a matrix of the most premium quality ingredients to create formulas that work.

Natural Partners

We are a part of the Natural Partners community. Natural Partners provides over 14,000 premium products from over 70 trusted brands. In partnering with Natural Partners, we are able to special order supplements for our clients to ensure that our clients get the supplements they need when they need them.

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