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Chronic Inflammation - Vibrant Living Wellness Center


Is your food making you sick?

Most of us suffer from some symptoms of food sensitivity. Figuring out our food intolerances how they might be affecting us can be a real challenge. At Vibrant Living Wellness Center, we get to the root of the problem. With a combination of Mediator Release Test Analysis and Clinical Nutrition, we’ve really seen a shift in health and inflammation in our patients and we can help you too!

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Autoimmune Disease - Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Autoimmune Disease

We have a passion for helping people work through and minimize symptoms from autoimmune disease. At Vibrant Living Wellness Center, we start by assessing the body and finding out the nutrient deficiencies that are playing a part in the disease process. We then find a combination of nutritional changes, herbal and food supplements, and protomorphogens to help restore physiological function to the organs.

What is Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune disease is when the body attacks some part of itself, usually a particular organ. If a virus is hard for the immune system to detect, it might go after a whole organ where it thinks a virus could be hiding, rather than just the virus itself. When it does this, the body misidentifies the cells from a particular organ as the virus, and then makes antibodies to try and process them out. If this cycle continues, the body continues attacking certain organs causing decreased function in that organ.

How does nutrition play a role in Autoimmune Disease?

In some cases of Autoimmune Disease nutrition plays a role. It’s no coincidence that our food supply has become more processed and less nutrient dense. If we eat too much refined or synthetic food, we are depriving ourselves of essential vitamins and minerals. The body can’t make something out of nothing, so it begins breaking down similar cells for protein or nutrients.

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Gut Issues - Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Gut Issues

Common Digestive Symptoms

Digestion is one of those bodily functions that occur without thought, unless it’s going poorly. Most people come to us not even realizing that poor digestion is contributing to their symptoms, but through the process of discovery we find that it’s almost always a concern. Digestion is about more than just eating and eliminating. It’s about how well the body is breaking down food and using the nutrients for energy to fight illness and repair itself, among other things.

What is the cause of your poor digestion?

The causes of poor digestion are different in everyone. It’s important to that we see each person based on their own personal history, symptoms, and body system. The first step is to determine the need for digestive support. Then, consider going on an elimination diet or a purification program to allow the gut to heal from the foods that may be causing inflammation. Last, it’s important to evaluate the diet for adequate fiber and other digestion promoting foods like probiotic foods.

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Sleep Problems - Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Sleep Issues

We can help you sleep better

We’ve helped many people improve their sleep and health. At Vibrant Living Wellness Center, we always take what we call a “whole body” approach. Most of our patients have both physical and emotional components to their sleep issues, and we have ways of helping you with both. Often, we find that our patients have mineral imbalance and blood sugar issues contributing to their sleeplessness that they didn’t even know about. Through testing, supplements, and nutrition we can correct these. Dynamic Energy Healing and Neuro Emotional Release Guidance are powerful tools for addressing the emotional components of sleep problems as well.

Are you in sleep debt?

The average person needs seven to nine hours of sleep per night. If you get less than that you might be starting to accumulate something called a “sleep debt.” Studies show that people who are sleep deprived are more likely to get sick. Sleep deprivation can result in fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness, foggy headedness, and weight gain, and can contribute to all sorts of health problems.

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Menopause - Vibrant Living Wellness Center


You don’t have to just “Suffer Through Menopause."

When it comes to talking about menopause, there’s one thing we’re really adamant about: you don’t have to just accept that it’s going to be difficult. The idea that we have to be uncomfortable and in pain during this time is a societal myth that doesn’t have to be.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is when your ovaries retire. Your adrenal glands then have to up-regulate estrogen production to produce more estrogen. The adrenals handle your body’s stress response, and this all happens during one of the most demanding times in your life! Think: kids, spouse, aging parents, career, etc. Sometimes they can’t keep up, and that’s where things can get rough.

You May Experience

Hot flashes • Extreme moodiness • Weight gain • Swelling • Sleep issues

It Can Be Better!

At Vibrant Living Wellness Center, we’ve seen that if we nourish ourselves the right way and support the adrenals, then we shouldn’t have these symptoms. We’re experts at figuring out exactly what nutrients your body needs to support your glands and get you through it with minimal symptoms.

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Women's Issues - Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Women's Issues

Do you have fibroids

One of our specialties at Vibrant Living Wellness Center is helping women deal with common female health issues such as fibroids. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow in the womb. Studies have shown that about 70% to 80% of women get fibroids by age 50. They grow because something is out of equilibrium in the body, usually a hormone imbalance. The root cause is often chemicals and other components of what we eat.

What are the most common symptoms of fibroids?

  • Pain in the pelvis area
  • Constipation from fibroids pushing against bowels
  • Acne
  • Difficult periods with heavy bleeding
  • Iron loss (anemia)

How do we help you when you have Fibroids?

At Vibrant Living Wellness Center we figure out if there’s a toxic component or if an immune process like a fungal overgrowth responsible for the fibroids. We find and eliminate the root cause and then hormone-rebalance your diet.

Getting rid of fibroids takes time, but good news is your body is capable of shrinking them and giving you relief. If you’re having symptoms from fibroids Vibrant Living Wellness Center can help.

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