Services Pricing

Our clients deserve to feel their best. We have made it our mission to help every client achieve vibrant health through an improved quality of life, diet, education and whole food supplementation. Whether you feel your health needs a quick boost or extra support, we will partner with you and see you through, until you experience the wellness you deserve.

Note: You will be asked to supply information via intake forms in advance of the consultation. These will also include questionnaires which relate to your body systems health, vitality and nutrition.

Follow-Up Designed Clinical Nutrition Appointments


(follow up)

$ 85 30 minutes


(over 65)

$ 70 30 minutes


(if parent is a client)

$ 60 30 minutes

Note: During this time your basic personal nutrition program will be fine-tuned and changed as necessary.


All Package pricing includes: Discovery Appointment (30 min), Results Appointment (30 min), Test, Test Processing Fees, corresponding test resources.
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing Package


$ 265
Mediator Release Testing - Vibrant Living Wellness Center

MRT Food Sensitives Testing Package


$ 555
Comprehensive Blood Panel - Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Comprehensive Blood Panel Testing Package


$ 425