We believes our clients deserve vibrant health. We have made it our mission to help every client feel better through an improved quality of life, diet, education and whole food supplementation.  Whether you feel your health needs a little help or a whole lot, we will partner with you and see you through, until you experience the wellness you deserve.

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Services Pricing Overview – Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Heart Sound Recorder Scan (HSR):
Scans are being done Sunday and Tuesday, 9am – 10am.  $65 per scan
Please request the scan preparation forms and pre-scan instructions when booking.

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT):
New Client Consultation (60 minutes) and Report of Findings, (30 minutes): $185
Includes Symptom Survey, BMI, Health Express Testing, Nutritional Response Test & Report of Findings

Nutrition Coaching
New Client Consultation (60 minutes) and Report of Findings, (30 minutes): $185

Note: You will be asked to supply information via intake forms, if at all possible in advance of the consultation. These will also include questionnaires which relate to your body systems health, vitality and nutrition.

Follow-Up NRT and Nutrition Counseling, 30 minutes: $85
Seniors over 65: $70
Children (if parent is a client): $60

Note: During this time your basic personal nutrition program will be fine-tuned and changed as necessary.  We monitor all reflexes to ensure that your body is responding appropriately to your program.

Tele-Nutritionist Package:
Initial Consultation and 2 Follow Up Consultations: $355
(Includes a Hair Mineral Analysis test, review and explanation.)
Additional Follow-Up Tele-Nutritionist Consultation: $85

Reiki Energy Healing, 1-hour session: $130
(Get 15% off when you buy more than 1 session at a time)

NET: Neuro-Emotional Technique
New Client 1-hour Consultation: $175
30-minute session: $80
(Get 15% off when you buy more than 1 session at a time)

Initial Assessment, 90-minute session: $130
Follow-up Acupuncture, 60-minute session: $85
(Email or call to inquire about our specials!)

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