Designed Clinical Nutrition

At VLWC, we are able to detect impediments that may be preventing the body from healing. It is our mission to enable and guide our clients to find their own, unique approach to attaining better health.

Designed Clinical Nutrition starts with the idea of bio-individuality

What Is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

One of our core principles at Vibrant Living Wellness Center is that your body can repair itself. We believe in using food based nutrients to encourage healing. We know from experience that if we find and remove the things in your diet that are impeding you and causing inflammation and add in the nutrients your body needs, then a powerful healing can begin! With Designed Clinical Nutrition (DCN) we create a protocol of food based supplements and design a personalized diet for you that maximizes healing – we’re really good at it! We’ve seen an improvement in 90% of clients with DCN.


Designed Clinical Nutrition starts with the idea of bio-individuality: that all of our bodies are different and that we need different nutrients at different times based on what’s going on in the body. But it takes something more than a “shotgun approach” to get the body to where it can begin healing. We can’t just throw a bunch of supplements at you and expect them to work. By utilizing the information available to us from various tests, combined with our strong background in the holistic practice of Nutritional Response Testing, we’ve become experts at getting your body exactly what it needs to do its healing work.

A Complement to Conventional Medicine

  • Designed Clinical Nutrition does not diagnose or treat disease but it does effectively complement conventional medicine.
  • By increasing the vitality of the cells, it gives the body more energy to heal and a greater ability for the body to avail itself of conventional medicinal treatments.
  • Also, it doesn't conflict with medications, and even doctors agree that Designed Clinical Nutrition is useful to offset the die off of good bacteria that occurs with some treatments.
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How do we figure out what’s bothering you?

At Vibrant Living Wellness Center we rely on feedback from two specific tests to get to the root cause of what’s causing your symptoms.

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