Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN combines her passion for natural health strategies, knowledge of Nutrition Response Testing assessment, Functional Medicine-based test results and proven Clinical Nutrition protocols to fully support patients on their health journey.

In her 8-year career, she has enjoyed seeing hundreds of patients’ lives change for the better, especially when traditional medicine has run out of answers and options.

Education & Professional Experience
Jeannie holds a Master’s in Human Nutrition, Functional Medicine, is a board-certified Clinical Nutritionist and plans to complete her Advanced Level NRT Practitioner coursework by October 2019. These credentials allow her to work with both conventional medicine and functional medicine therapies to help support her patients’ goals of optimizing health.

Nutrition Management & NRT
As a specialist in the nutritional management of chronic disease, she uses Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), specialty lab testing and bloodwork review to identify and target root causes for all conditions.

Nutrition Planning & Supplementation
She customizes a plan that includes whole food based clinical grade supplementation and customized nutrition plans that are right for each patient’s treatment goals and their unique lifestyle.

Jeannie enjoys seeing her patients go from hopeless to hopeful, while sharing key information about the healing potential of their body. Her mantra is: “When you are patient and give the body what it needs and take out what it doesn’t need, you experience what healthy is and feels like.”

She passionately leads educational workshops on the importance of nutrition choices and proper supplementation with some of the most common conditions she sees:

  • autoimmune disease and other inflammatory conditions
  • digestive imbalances and infections
  • unexplained fatigue and sleep problems
  • blood sugar and cholesterol dysfunctions
  • adrenal gland support and managing cortisol
  • prevention topics: heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia/Alzheimer’s, etc.
  • weight management, detox and much more.

Nutrition Response Testing

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