Seasonal 28-Day Detox Cleanse

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Complete Detox Program Cost – only $295.00
(A $130 Savings on Services Purchased Individually)
(Offered in Spring, Fall, and after New Year)

What You Get with the Seasonal Detox Program:

  • FREE Grocery shopping tour to learn how to choose healthy foods for the cleanse ($50 Value)
  • FREE Heat lamp session ($30 Value)
  • FREE Discovery Session with Holistic Nutritionist Nicolette Marais ($50 Value)
  • Detox Guide
  • Weekly Teleseminar about Detoxification

Special: Enroll on the Detox with a friend
and receive $25 store credit to use on a future purchase!

Extra Special: Enroll in the Detox early (next date TBD)
and receive a FREE Omega-3 Supplement to use on your Cleanse Program

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  • Detox participants must attend Detox Cleanse 101 Class to receive their Detox Guide and Supplements
  • FREE “Shopping Lab” with Nicolette Marais prior to Cleanse start

Wellness Add-ons for Participants:

Post-Detox office visit with a Functional Clinical Nutritionist
to help you maintain your results – just $87.50 for new clients (50% off regular price)

Acupuncture Session with a Licensed VLWC Acupuncturist
to facilitate your healthy cleanse – just $100 (a $25 savings)

Post-Detox office visit with Holistic Nutritionist Nicolette Marais
to help you continue with your new eating habits – just $100 for new clients ($50 savings)

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Prefer to begin a detox at a different time?

We can schedule an Individual Cleanse at your convenience. You can go to the Individual Cleanse page and fill out the form or call our office at (626) 470-7711 during business hours to tell us about your needs.

Individual Purification Cleanse

“Doing a cleanse under Heidi’s direction was one of the best things I could do for my body…
it was like pressing a reset button to start as clean and refreshed as possible!”
Miriam H.
”I came to Heidi because I had reached a plateau with my weight loss and I needed to find out what was preventing me from losing weight.  I went on the 21 day cleanse and I just finished my 2nd one for the year and it has totally changed my life. Finding out I was gluten sensitive changed everything too.  I starting losing weight again and I have a lot more energy and feel great. I highly recommend seeing Heidi.”
Madelyn H.